Press-vacuum drying chambers for wood

The highest quality type of lumber drying

If you want to get stable lumber with removed internal tension, even "like a string", without cracks, stock for rough processing and 10 times faster than in classical drying - then you need this technology.


Powder coating equipment

The Polma company develops, manufactures and implements a full range of equipment for powder painting.

Since 1994, our company has implemented more than 300 painting complexes throughout Ukraine and beyond. We are constantly improving our products so that you always work only on the most modern equipment.

About the company
Our company was founded in 1994. We specialize in the development, manufacture and introduction into production of high-tech equipment for polymer powder painting and press-vacuum drying chambers for wood. Our equipment is primarily of high quality and durability, which customers can confirm. Some of them have been working on the equipment for more than 25 years without capital investment, which we are proud of!
Why us?
  • 1
    Individual approach to the client
    We know exactly what you need!
    Trust us, and we will choose the most optimal solution for you!
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    Own developments and patents for the most technological equipment.
  • 3
    We use only the highest quality and proven materials and components from proven foreign and domestic manufacturers.
Our contacts
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+38 (067) 218-85-30
18008, Ukraine, Cherkasy, 161/21 Smilyanska St.
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