Tribostatic spray barrel

The TC-03 tribostatic barrel is designed to charge powder paint by rubbing against its inner walls. The barrel is mounted on sprayers or manipulators of automatic powder coating lines. Also, tribo-barrels are used in manual spraying installations with paint supply from feeders (tanks) with fluidization or with paint from a box. It can be installed on the TP-03 sprayer or similar tribo-sprayers, including sprayers from other manufacturers.
The TC-03 tribostatic barrel is suitable for applying paint on complex surfaces where it is not possible to apply paint using the electrostatic method: welds, cavities, corners, deep grooves, that is, where the electrostatic field does not allow the paint to penetrate. Can be used to reapply powder paint to already painted surfaces.
The unique design of the TS-03 barrel, which was developed by the design department of Polma, provides a maximum charge of powder paint, which reduces its consumption to 150-180 grams per m2, unlike competing barrels.