Powder Ink Cartridge Chambers

The painting process is carried out in spraying chambers, which are equipped with air suction systems to prevent the ingress of powder paint into the room and their combined aspiration systems to capture non-deposited powder paint products to return it to the process. There are two types of cameras: the deadlock with the curtain of products inside the chamber through the work window or on the side of KN-2, KN-5 and checkpoints, where the parts are transported through the working area of ​​the spraying chamber (past the painter) KN-3, KN-6. In this case, if you want to paint long products, the aisle cameras make two-station KN-3-2, KN-6-2 essentially one-station cameras are deployed relative to each other 180 degrees like “jack”. Each chamber is equipped with an exhaust fan in aluminum design, an aspiration system for trapping and returning to the production of powder paint, impulse purge for dropping into the feeder of paint from filter cartridges, lighting with LED lamps, blowing gun. Optional delivery of a vibrating sieve with feeder and paint intake injector is possible. The cameras are made of cold-rolled metal with a polymer coating and a polished stainless bottom, which prevents sparking in case of accidental fall of a part in the chamber. A feature of Tartridge type cameras is the installation of filter elements in the working area of ​​the camera. In this regard, when changing the color of the dye need to change and filters.