Powder coating of automobile disks

Over time, the factory paint on the disks becomes damaged. In this case repair and painting of disks is necessary. Powder disc dyeing is by far the most popular.
Painting the wheels in this way gives one of the most reliable results. In general, quality repair and painting of disks (in particular, powder painting of wheels) requires not only the presence of special equipment, but also the work of an experienced specialist. Our service offers you painting of cast disks at the highest level.

To date, we accept the painting of any wheel for cars (cast, stamped, forged and components), motorcycles and other vehicles. Disc dyeing is carried out in several stages, related to the treatment of the surface of the disk and, directly, painting:

– sand or shot blasting. It is used for surface leveling as well as for removal of old coatings;
– Degreasing. Chemical method of removing oil and grease stains, which impair the adhesion of the powder coating;
– Applying a soil layer to the entire surface of the wheel;
– Apply a coat of paint on the front surface of the disc (or the entire surface, depending on your desire);
– Check the results of disc staining by quality control.

Warranty for disc staining 2 YEARS !!!
(Although from the experience many drives of our clients “walk” on our roads for more than 3 years without losing their appearance)