Cyclone-type spraying chambers

The first stage of the air recuperation system sucked away from particles of powder paint over 10 microns is a cyclone. The cyclone is used as a separator, separating the particles of powder paint depending on their size. Larger particles (10 microns or more) are collected in the cyclone, they are reusable, and small particles (less than 10 microns) are removed through the cyclone and deposited in the filters of fine cleaning of the aspiration unit, and then disposed of. Air flow from the sputter chamber is created by a fan that removes particles of powder paint that have not settled on the product, creating a vacuum in the chamber. The ducting system connects the spraying chamber, cyclone and aspiration system. The rate of entry of the mixture of powder and air into the cyclone is 20 meters per second, and the cylindrical shape of the cyclone is inhibited by the friction of the powder paint particles that settle into the container below the cyclone. Powder paint from the container can be automatically transported to the feeder for later use in automatic spraying systems, or the container can be manually released. It is recommended that the collected polymer powder be passed through a sieve to remove contamination.