Tribostatic sprayers

The manual tribostatic spray gun is designed for autonomous spraying of powder paint from a tank mounted on a spray gun. Only dry compressed air is required for operation. Indispensable for painting small batches of parts where frequent color changes are required. Easy to disassemble, clean.

When painting complex parts, it is easier to use a powder spray gun with tribo-charge.

     As a rule, the productivity of the process of applying spray guns with tribo-charge is reduced, and the percentage of sedimentation of powder paint on the product is lower than when using spray guns with a corona electrode. Inevitably, a gradual decrease in the effect of tribo-charge with a decrease in the total charging voltage of powder paint, an increase in the fraction of uncharged powder and, accordingly, not deposited on the part as additives are developed in polyester and epoxy-polyester paints, are also inevitable. By the electrostatic method, it is possible to paint products of different sizes and complexity groups and apply virtually any kind of powder paints. A necessary product requirement is volumetric or surface electrical conductivity. It is easily realized when painting metals. In the case of non-conductive materials (wood with a moisture content of less than 12%, glass, plastics), measures are taken to increase conductivity: for example, the surface is treated with antistatic agents – surfactant solutions or conductive primers.