3D printing services

3D printing can be done in different ways and using different materials, but any of them is based on the principle of layer-by-layer cultivation of a solid object.

FDM printing technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, in conjunction with modern plastics, allows you to create durable and stable workpieces that are more accurate and repeatable than any other 3D printing technology.

FDM technology is used in our company.

Application of technology:

  • For rapid mock-up, ie rapid prototyping of models and objects for further refinement. Already at the design stage, you can dramatically change the design of the node or object as a whole. In engineering, this approach can significantly reduce the cost of production and development of new products.
  • For quick production – production of finished parts from materials supported by 3D printers. This is a great solution for small batch production.
  • Production of models and forms for foundry production
  • Car repair and tuning

Polma 3D printing is an individual approach to every project and printing of every detail of us. Our engineers will be able to prepare a high-quality 3D model for printing based on your drawings, drawings, thumbnails. Just before printing you will be sent a photo of the model for approval.