Coating Equipment

Over the last ten years, the world-wide popularity of powder coating technology (powder coating) has seen a steady increase. One of the driving forces behind the tremendous success is the continuous improvement in the dyeing equipment used for powder coatings.

In batch, mass production and mass production, two methods of charging particles of powder paint (PF) are used: electrostatic – forcibly charged with a high voltage corona electrode, and using the “triboffect”, ie the effect of the acquisition of the charge on the particles through the triboelectric node of the tribostal.

  • The first method uses a high (20-100 KV) constant voltage sign to the corona electrode from the high voltage generator
  • In the second method of charging particles, the barrel and other parts of the gun, which faces powder paint, is made of special material (usually fluoroplast – for epoxy-containing powder paints).
Electrostatic manual spraying units
Tribostatic sprayers